Admin Modules

User Panel

Users List
ANow Manage Your users, View their Stats, Balance,Projects, Backed,Address book,Logs,Watch list, Add/Delete/Edit
Now Manage referrals,and their hits
Users Level
Manage User Levels and titles, assign user a level
Thirdparty User Integration
Use this feature to bridge your Crowdphp with Wordpress Userbase
API Login Integration
Lets your users to signup using Social API's
User Messages
Manage User messages and categories

Projects Panel

Manage Projects/Categories
Manage Projects & Categories, View Stats, Rewards, Issue refunds & Logs
Pending Projects
Review Pending Projects
Accidentally Deleted a project,Now recover your deleted projects from Trash ,Restore or permanently delete them.
Project Level
Manage projects & levels and assign em to Projects.
See projects supported ,Reviews, backers,payments,stats & Issue refund
Want to deal from various locations, Now you can add countries/states.You can manage cities in them,edit or delete the records

Payments / Marketing

Payments Gateways
Install/Uninstall Payment gateways, Configure settings
Payment History
Payment Log with Project details, Payment Number,User,Method,Date,Time,Amount and status
Withdrawal Records, Search by user, Details like Amount, Date/time,Note, with options
Marketing Message Template
Edit Messaging templates on Fly Uses Inline code tags.
Mail Servers/Mailing Lists
Add Mailing servers and create Mailing Lists
Install SMS Inteface, Add/Review New SMS List & Manage Project and Promotion queues, Search remove or send them

Frontend Panel

Frontend Navigation
Manage Frontend Top Menu , Add/Delete new Links to the frontend
Manage Ads
Manage Frontend Ads, Add /Delete
Stats Panel
Check stats per modules with detailed information
Create Link Groups, Post Links to the Groups and Positioned in Frontend Footer
Manage/Create New Articles, Publish them. Retrived Delete Articles from Trash
Article Categories
Manage/Create New categories for articles , Retrived Delete Categories from Trash


System Settings
Basic,Image,Site,User,Mail/SMS settings, Create Sliders, Write Help File,FAQ's
Manage ADMIN Groups and Admin, Asssig Groups and Access(RBAC)
Backup/Restore Database and Run SQL Queries from Backend
System log
Check System logs, Monitor staff and their activities
System Monitering
Search/Delete System activities with respect to their modules.
Mobile Config
Manage complete mobile configuration using this panel.

Frontend Modules

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