Does it come with source code?

Yes CrowdPHP comes with complete source code, and all modules included

Can it Support other Currencies and Payment Methods

Yes, Comes with Paypal and Cash on delivery like gateways, It can be integrated with any other gateway as well.

How long does it takes to get files?

Upon completion of order , You automatically get download link. This process is fully automatic, You have instant access to source code. In case of any question. You can mail us support at crowdphp.com

Where can I see other Features

You can check features list

Where can I submit request for support?

There are 3 ways to Get faster support

  • Mail: Support at Crowdphp.com
  • Help Desk
  • Click on LiveChat
Can i change my own logo and copyright text?

Yes , with crowdphp you can completely customize the script, change logo ,color or any text. Script is 100% customizable.

What are the server requirements

Hosting Requirements:

OS: Linux (Fedora/CentOS/RHEL)

Hosting Control Panel: Preferred Cpanel Hosting Panel (Most modern host comes with Cpanel ) ,Others with PHPMYADMIN can also do.

Server Environment:

PHP 5.2+

Apache Server


Preferred Hosting

A business hosting

VPS Hosting